The Phenotype of the Portuguese


The Phenotype of a person, or group of people, is the composite of ones individual outward characteristics resulting from the interaction of ones same genotype with the environment.

This blog takes into account the interpretation of the physical analogy of the ethnic people of Portugal, therefore, the material description of the Portuguese people as a group.
For such, national public figures of the continent and isles were elected in a bracket to determine the phenotype of the population, respecting a structure of propinquity.

This segment exhibited an anchorage among individuals that came to designate a cluster joint among the Portuguese.


The Ethnic Portuguese populace is relatively Homogeneous, from North to South and Islands. Little to no bits and pieces of the rabble show heterogeneous elements.[4][8][9]

Its Phenotype is for the most part defined as Atlantic and Mediterranean. Collateral components include Cro-Magnon, sharing clear connections with Spain, particularly Galicia and Extremadura and on wards the peninsula to the South-Western periphery of France.[3][11][17][18]

"The selfsame Anthropological, Cultural and erstwhile-History acknowledges the existence of an Atlantic focus, Portuguese or Galician-Portuguese, since the pre-historical period of time.
A focus independent from the Mediterranean world. Original, creator, expansive and recognizable, most notably since the Portuguese Megalithic culture, to what perhaps is connected to the paramount and remote specimens of one of the oldest writings. The writings to what I call, Proto-Iberian."
- Professor A. Mendes Corrêa, António

The physiognomy is uniformly regular and symmetric.

Its oval cephaly present a likeness of rectangular accord in males, and triangular among females.
The cheek-bones are ere prominent and the face is long, with eyes displaying a deep look of hooded and upturned sockets.
Such noses are narrow and straight. The upper lips short and slightly turned outwards withal the under lip exactly matching it and the whole mouth rather thin, with jaw-bones that do not project and the cheek-bones, though formerly prominent, not large.[10]
Concluding that, the majority of the population present a Dolicho-Mesocephalic index.[5][6][11][14]

The prevailing expression of the males is temperate and modest. The females's mild, delicate and amiable.


Brown Hair in tones of Light, Medium, Dark and Brown or Hazel Eyes predominate in a majority of the ruck.
This shades of Hair and Eye color is solid among the population, accounting more up atop 70 - 80% of the Portuguese multitude.[1]
•See Brunette template•

Blonde Hair tonality from very Fair to Dirty Blond and Blue or Green Eyes is also recorded with regular frequency.
This hue constitutes around 17 - 20% of the Portuguese multitude, with approximately ±15% light blond shades, and the remainder medium to ash blond.[1][16]
•See Blonde template•

Red Hair is less spotted, but seen on occasion along with Chestnut and Auburn-colored hair types.
This tint constitutes 1 - 3% of the Portuguese multitude, peeking up to 4 - 5% forthwith Russet tones bordering brown.[1]
•See Redhead template•

The Skin Pigmentation of the Portuguese rind varies from light pink to intermediate white and tanned.
Regardless, fair types are far more consistent in the North followed by Center and South, due to Natural selection - Irradiation.[2][16][21]

The interspersed figures below demonstrate a compact semblance countrywide between the Adults, Elderly and Infants.

Continental Portugal (Portuguese Republic) - Portuguese
-----Male phenotype-----

-----Female phenotype-----

Insular Portugal (Madeira Islands) - Madeirans
  -----Male & Female phenotype-----

Insular Portugal (Açores Islands) - Azoreans  
-----Male & Female phenotype-----

-----Bust & Limbs-----
Deducting the height of the bust and impinging the length of the body, both genders display a balanced sexual dimorphism.
The females indicate a bust and lower limbs proportionally longer than males, as will, males overhaul a longer bulk in the abdominal region of the body.

The median sexual differences give a static value, after exceeding its deflection of the structural pattern between sexes, as higher dimensions of both statures elongate.
Hence, females imply more voluminous legs and a tenuous neck, whereas males a protracted torso.[7]

Medium bones, an intermediate scale and a uniform organism gleam the overall commonality.
The skeletal index of the Portuguese profile is accordingly best characterized as Mesomorph.[7]

Hereafter adolescence, adults of the ages between 22 and 50 years old ensign an average height for males beside 1,74  - 1,80 meters high and  for females 1,62 - 170 meters.[12][15][19]
The body mass makes a predicament weight of 69Kg to 80Kg for males and 56Kg to 59Kg for females.[20]


-----Youngsters and Elderly-----
Amid teenagers in the growing process to adulthood, of ages between 13 and 17 years old, both males and females make contrast to the elderly of prior generation. The males about 1,60 - 1,70 meters and females 1,50 - 1,60 meters, respectively.[12][15]
Conditioned by the environmental factors, a person grows one centimeter within one decade, under a Portuguese diet.[12]


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*** ***


This entry post concerns the phenotype of the ethnicity of the Portuguese. Thus, minority groups born or living in Portugal are not accounted as Portuguese, nor should be identified as such, as to anthropological tabulation.

 PortuguesePhenotype reserves the individual right for the Public figures depicted in this post to dismiss their photos.

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