Portuguese Cephalic Index

The Portuguese cranial shape is best measured as Dolicho-Mesocephalic.
A small portion of the population exhibits Brachycephaly, through out the country, but in particular in the North.[5][6][10]

The median values for both sexes of the length of the head are, 193.86 for males and 182.493 for females, having no statistical significance of the average. The median values for the Breadth of the head are, 147.265 for males and 139.354 for females, having equally no statistical significance of the average.
The median values, observed in the Cephalic Index of the Portuguese are 75.97 for males and 76.42 for females, having therefore no statistical significance the sexual difference of the average.[6]

Below is a 27 year old Mesocephalic adult and a 63 year old Dolichocephalic elder, respectively.

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