Regional groups of Portugal

In order to achieve the sole gradual view of the people of the country, from North to South inc. Islands, the portraits below were subsumed to an assembled group of people, inborn to rural grounds.

This sensitive selection was wittingly set up in order to exclude any possible external offscourings located in urban spaces, and thus, to present the embryo for the primitive populations of the country.

Like this, the groups were regionally detached in parallel by provinces in a vertical and horizontal fashion between East and West, North and South, Islands.

As forth coming. Adjacently, each cohort class demonstrates a relatedness juncture concourse to its ingrain peripheral boundary.
The primeval population is persistently leveled in the same complexion vestment, where dissimilarity is of succinct hold.

Either Brunette, Blonde or Redhead in pigmentation, the congenital Portuguese - Jus sanguinis are analogous in aspect.

"From a somatological point of view, the Portuguese are among the least heterogeneous people in Europe."
- Professor A. Mendes Corrêa, António

Entre Douro e Minho (North-Western)

Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (North-Eastern)

Beira Litoral (North/Central-Western)

Beira Interior (North/Central-Eastern)

Extremadura e Ribatejo (West-Central)

Alto Alentejo (East-Central)

Baixo Alentejo (South-Western)

Algarve (Southern)

Madeira (Insular)

Açores (Insular)


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