Portuguese Peasantry

The low class, vagrant, although vulgar in expression and perhaps ridiculous in aspect, is the best caricature of a people a country could give.

Certainly, because in fine they are the primordial populations which have been best preserved heathen to a cheap quiet life, chaste from foreign affluence and limited to a familiar environment of kindred parity.
Ranging from Fishermen, Herdsmen, Farmers, Dairymaids to Seamstresses and Folk Musicians, etc. these people have one thing in common that can be measured as the honest rectitude of a country.

A Cultural and Ethnic identity, unconsciously lost and in ways disgraced by the modern man, often living in urban sites. Because it is in rural sediments, where peons like these have not yet consumed their tedious humdrum over time.

Below are photos of the very early 20th century peasantry, or in mere form, your average Portuguese hick.

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