Preamble to the Plot

This entry post, comes against the political substance of the early American Anthropology and Nordicist Eugenics, who tried to inferiority a group of people, through impaired adverts and adulterated retracts.

Iberians, particularly the Portuguese, have been undeservedly and mischievously depicted improperly in external encyclopedias by American and identical Foreign Anthropologists.
Their names of no worth allude, are product of misdemeanor errors.

Like the domino effect, one copied another, and this violation of ones transmission lingered over the years.

This verbal and pictorial crimes of theirs, are responsible for the false deductions, modern day miss calculations and interpretations of the population, in question.
Their works, of manipulated temperament, carved a concept for a possible continuation on illiteracy and mendacity.
Over the Internet in spots of selfsame nature, certain entities have also taken the role to reprise their defamatory legacy through confections and propagation of perversely atypical portraits.

At its eyes, a foreigner may consider one individual X to be Portuguese. But, an Ethnic Portuguese will not recognize that same individual X to be one of its own.

In the world, scattered through out the Lusosphere (ex-colonies), there are over 220 Million speakers of Portuguese Language and adopters of Portuguese Culture. But, only about 10 Million of those people are of Portuguese extraction and living in their country of origin, Portugal.
To note the exclusion of minorities living in the country after the decolonization, and the Portuguese expats living overseas.

Non-Portuguese have thereat camouflaged themselves of a Portuguese identity, for a quest on assortment. Which to peregrines, these may seem genuinely Portuguese.
Ex-colonials such as Brazilians, Cape Verdeans, Goans, Angolans, Mozambicans, & etc. are examples of this process of dissimulation. Whereby respectively alone, these same people greatly outnumber the smaller unity of the actual Portuguese people.

In short and to make it simple, it's easier to find a non-Portuguese carrier of a Portuguese monotony than an actual Portuguese pristine, especially in the new world where anyone can cook up their own ancestry.

There is no better way to attain a fair adjustment of a country and a group of people, than visiting the actual country and living with the actual people.

"For what in particular regards the Portuguese population, hardly know the ignorant foreigners, who judge them by a group of people carriers of all defects."
- Professor A. Mendes Corrêa, António

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